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:::Things you should know about me:
I'm a bad person. I can be a good person, at times. I hold grudges. Music is my religion. And Flying Spaghetti Monsterism. I'm an artist. Yes, I am one of those stuck up ones that get iffed by bad art. I likelove proper spelling, grammatization and punctuation. I think Spanish and Japanese are pretty languages. I have high hopes. I will listen to mostly anything. I stopped using most emoticons. I think ties look good on girls only. I'm a gamer. I love IRC. I give bad reactions to stupidity. I'm sarcastic. I like new things. I think androgyny is hot. I get flustered easily. I'm easily swayed. It doesn't take much to make me happy. It doesn't take much to make me mad. I don't IM people, you have to IM me first. I try. I'm a provocative person. I refuse to overpay for low-quality products, even if they are brand name. I like making stuff. I like raves. I buy and make stationary, only I never use them because I think they are too cute. I like Savage Garden. I don't like it when people assume things about me. I have sudden bouts of courage. I'm a coward most of the time, though. I PROCRASTINATE. I'm lazy. I like to sleep. I capitalize to emphasize. I think 13375|)34|( is retarded. I like hearts and stars. I like loose clothing. I believe that everyone has a different definition of love. I'm cheap. I like money. I hate being bored. I don't like the feeling of a heavy heart when I want to sleep. When I mispell something horribly, it's usually on purpose. Contrary to popular belief, I giggle. I don't like emo people. I don't like posers. I believe in eternity. I hardly watch TV. When I do watch TV, it's usually the National Geographic Channel or the Discovery Channel. I'm a neat-freak even though I don't really show it. I like simple things. My mood is easily affected. I forget easily. I think The Postal Service is awesome. I want to live where soul meets body. I believe. I like witty people. I hate cocky people. I want to move someplace else. I want to meet people. Not just people, certain people. I am passionate. When I want things done, I get them done. I love photoshop. I am a hypocrite. I once rocked so hard it killed a man. Not really, but you get the point. I like fruit. I like vegetables. I eat rice like I drink water. I make bad decisions. I love green tea with a passion. I like ice cream on cold days. I like hot tea on warm days. I'm so addicted to green tea, it's almost blasphemous. I like cuddling. I have desires. I use the edit feature a lot. I'd make each one of my journal entries this pretty looking if I wasn't so lazy. I think Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate is the best thing in the world ever. I emphasize that because you can't deny it (It makes for a nice aphrodisiac too. Heehehe.). I know you like me too. I think J-Rock is yummy. And that Photoshop is the best invention evar.(That's EVAR with an "A"). I am legally blind without my contacts or glasses on. I do crazy stuff. I do stupid stuff, too. I log out of this game called "Real Life" every now and then. I have a pouty lip fetish. I like to design and make stuff. I like taking pictures. Fast internet is an absolute must for me. I get annoyed when my CPU takes more than 10 seconds to boot. I'm a part-time mixologist. Art is my outlet for expression. I am trying to relearn how to play guitar. I am also working out so much that it hurts to type sometimes because I am too sore. I take post-it notes, make a note of some kind and stick it on my hardrive, forget about it and then look at it much much later and laugh at it. I think Music + (Language I can't really understand) = Sexy. I own a tree. Once I set my mind to something, I am bound to do it. Period. I love oxygen. I personify weird things that weren't meant to be personified; like my music, for example.. I bite my tongue when I try not to smile. I have really crazy plans and goals. I run 10 miles a week. I like taking photographs. Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation is such a turn on for me. I have a lot of bad habits. I am part computer. My hair changes about as much as my mood. I want to kiss in the rain. To me, you're strange and you're beautiful. I can't stand the silence between us. Todavía estoy aquí. Ich heiße Super Fantastisch. I like blue. I don't know what I've said previously in this thing. I don't really care though. Katherine Moennig is pretty. Hot. Sexy. Koi prettier, hotter, and sexier though. I think I'm pretty good at drawing. I just get really lazy. I want to be an IT. I'm going to end up in either Canada, UK, or France. Most likely Canada. I'm a good person. I'm a great person, really. I think so at least. I can do anything. I tend to be a bit cynic about things. I'm lovely. I'm thankful. I have someone who can make me feel the most wonderful things a person can imagine; In mind, heart, body, soul... everything. Forever. Always. And that's all you really need to know.

Have I scared you yet? No? Okay, then, don't say I didn't give you fair warning.

*Last updated: 15.08.2006 // 11:27 PM. Listening to [Kinnie Star - "Alright"]
(I don't think I'll be updating this thing anymore. I'm quite satisfied with it.)

If you want anything; say so and I'll see what I can do. If I'm not too lazy.

WimAMP Playlist
...Wow, hahahaha. That was unexpected. I tried to post my playlist, but LJ gave me this:
"Updating journal...
Error updating journal: Client error: Post too large.

I think that's the coolest error I've ever gotten. Anyways, since that's not working;
Try these links instead.

[Music]This is as of 15.08.2006, 11:12 pm.
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