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I am love, damnit. ♥

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Wal*Mart owns your soul.
Hug me. Because hugs are <3.

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Green tea is love.<3

Marriage is love.

Pandas forevar. (With an "a").
"tacos" on my butt!, aaml, abstract, ace bandages, acidman, alright, alternative thinking, androgyny, anime, apocalypse, art, awesome music, being online all day, bisexuality, bloc party, blood, blue, boi, breathing, chrono cross, cuddling, daft punk, dancing like an idiot, dark chocolate, ddr, deep ocean, digital art, dir en grey, drawing, dreaming, dreams, evangelion, existentialism, fake?, final fantasy, franz ferdinand, gackt, gacktjob, genderqueer, goggles, going for it anyways, golden bears, good art stuff, graphic design, green tea, guitar hero, guitars, harvest moon, hate, house, hugs, inanimate pr0n productions, incoherenkcndkjhfy, internet, j-music, j-rock, johnny depp, katherine moennig, katsu and atsu!, kendo, kill bill, kingdom hearts, kinnie starr, kissing, kiyoharu, kureÖ, lawn chair porn, licking, lime+chili powder&salt, livewire, love, manga, martial arts, me, megu, mixing, mixology, miyavi, muse, music, my hair, new things, nobuo uematsu, open minds, opencanvas, oxygen, pandas, pansexuality, photography, photoshop, pictures, pinkberry, pokéshipping, postsecret, provocative things, ps2, psychology, ragnarok online, rain, random acts of love, raves, reading, reading while it's raining, reality, revolution, romance, roses, savage garden, scarves, sergexkid, sharp things, shonen-ai, shoujo-ai, sleeping in my closet, snuggle, strawberries, such great heights, tablets, talent suckers, tattle tale, tea, techno, tegan and sara, the l word, the limits of reality, the postal service, the wallflower, tofu, toronto, toshiya, trance, tvhs, water, web 2.0, webdesign, when it feels good, when it hurts, wings, witty sarcasm, witty shirts, yaoi, you, you and i, yuri